Sunday, April 19, 2015

18 and fearless!!!

Ever since Summer was about 7 years old, her dream was to skydive in Fiji. Since she wasn't old enough when she went to Fiji, she had to do it on (or should I say above) American soil. 
Here's the birthday girl chilling by the pool with her dad waiting for her name to be called. 
I insisted on getting a picture with her before I let her jump from a plane. It could very well have been our last picture together. 😁
They finally called her name and she was quickly suited up and ready to go. 
It took a while for them to get to 10,000 ft. 
She was the last one out of the plane. 
Smiles from the get-go!
This girl has NO fear!
We probably should have braided her hair or something. Her poor instructor looked like Fabio once all of Summer's hair attacked. 😂
I loved this picture. It's that split second when the parachute was diployed. 
We were so glad everyone contributed enough birthday money that she could get the video and photos. They were priceless!
She got a full 60 seconds of free fall, then it took about 8 minutes for her to hit the ground after the parachute diployed. 
As soon as we were done, she got her 'I jumped' t-shirt and we raced back to Palm Springs to meet everyone for her birthday dinner at Spaghetti Factory. Grammy had even baked her a cake. 
I'd say turning 18 was a major success for Summer!!!

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