Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Traditions

Ever since Summer was a little girl, we have taken her to the same pumpkin patch every year we have been here visiting. We had the whole gang together (minus Porter) this weekend, so we all hit up our local pumpkin patch. 
They always have the same rides and signs. Although they no longer offer the elephant rides they had when Summer was a baby. :( We rode an elephant named Jenny 16 years ago when Summer was 1. 
The teenagers were good sports. 
Ty's a bit too big for all the rides now, but somehow he made it work. 
My silly cowgirl models (that's what Summer always said she wanted to be when she grew up). 
I love these kiddos!!!
What a fun evening with the family. Sad I didn't get a shot of our whole gang. We made up a good portion of the people at the pumpkin patch. 

Thanks for another fun year there Grammy and Pops!