Sunday, November 3, 2013

November in Paradise

I hear it snowed in Provo last night. Sorry Amy, but we had 80* weather here yesterday. Time to make the move and join the rest of the fan. ;)
We rode our bikes to the beach and it was glorious!  We had to climb our favorite tree. 
The bike trail was closed right at PCH. At one point, the bike lane had us in between the right turn lane and the other cars. Ty told Becky, "This is awesome!  I've always wanted to do this!"  
We were hot and ready to cool off by the time we got to the tide pools. We finished up meeting Pops at the beach. He brought the surfboards. Pretty great day!


The Fosters said...

It was great...let's do it again!

amy said...

no pressure though, right?