Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Monday night, my mom planned an awesome Family Home Evening. The Mitchells were in town, so it was a crazy night. We first feasted on my mothers-in-laws delicious Tortilla Soup recipe,
then we had major pumpkin carving going on!
Our little families pumpkin plethora. I took 2nd place in the competition, once again being beat by Lexi (that little one year old wins everything)!🎃
Summer and Haley were awesome!  Wayne's World, Party Time, excellent!!!
Syd was a bruised and beat up boxer, while Ty grossed us out at a Zombie. 
Libby was the prettiest princess you have ever seen! 👑
Little Miss Lexi was a sweet ladybug. 🐞
Ty's school had a costume parade on Wed., but face makeup wasn't allowed. This boy, being too cool for school, opted for an easy out. Mustache, anyone???👨

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kandy said...

We sure had a fun Halloween!