Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last Roundup

The BIG Stewart reunion has grown so large, we decided this was the last one for the whole gang (over 100 of us) to all meet up at the cabin. It was a great reunion and we'll miss seeing everyone every 2 years. 
Here's part of our "little" gang. The Gary Stewart side will continue the cabin reunion tradition. 
Jason's Aunt Lorna made this huge family tree a few years ago. Here's our branch. 
Xavier and Ty...the inseparable cousins!
Fletcher and Earnest...the let's pick on Jen brigade. ;)
Jason's cousin, Westin, has a son Ty's same age. Since they were babies, we have taken a cabin picture of the boys growing older together. Compare their thighs in this picture. Carson is adorable and Ty is a giant (an adorable giant). :)

Fun times! 


kandy said...

So cute! Where is the giant picture of everyone? Sad to see this tradition die.

Angie said...

So fun to see you! Love our cutie pies! We will have to meet up in Cali I guess. ;)