Sunday, March 18, 2012

My baby is seven! :(

 Our wild night started off
at Chuck E. Cheese.
When Jason came to check out
Billings as a possibility for us to move to,
he called Ty to tell him they had a Chuck E. Cheese.
Ty was sold.  He was ready to move here that very day!
 The kids had a blast.
 We worked hard at earning those tickets.
 Summer had fun on the snowmobile.
 After we used up all of our tokens,
we traded our tickets for some cheap toys
for Ty, then headed off to the next event.
 Ty loved the Monster Truck Show in Arizona
last year, so he wanted the girls to join him
this year, too.  We were off to the
 Monster Truck Rally..
 We were ready for a show.
It is a 2 hour event, with all of 15 minutes actually 
being some action.  I said I would happily allow
it to be a father-son activity again next year,
although I did have a lot of fun.
 The stunts were exciting,
 the Monster Trucks were huge 
(and VERY loud),
but, by far, the best part
was spending every moment with
my little man.  Sadly, he's not so little
anymore.  Happy 7th birthday, Ty Bradley!


kandy said...

Happy Birthday Ty! Do you have any idea how spoiled you are? Enjoy!

jorgegr said...

Happy birthday Ty! Looks like you guys had a great time celebrating his birthday.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

What fun!