Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green this, and green that!

 Ty's classroom got attacked by a silly Leprechaun
on Friday.  Well, as all kids do, he came straight
home ready to make a trap to catch one.
Luckily, Sydney was game and helped him
create this masterpiece.
 Their pile of gold and Lucky Charms did the
trick.  I'm sure you noticed the Leprechaun 
footprints.  He left prints all over and even left
a note.  He signed it Patrick Greenland.  He was
too smart for them though, and made his way
safely home. 
We were shocked to find he had even turned
our milk green!  Gross!  We added to that by
making green poppy seed muffins for breakfast
and Syd made green jello for lunch.  We're
off to Chuck E. Cheese and the Monster Truck
Rally for Ty's birthday tonight.  Might as well add
some green cupcakes to the mix. 
I'll post about the party tomorrow.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Becky Macbeth said...

Those darn leprachauns are always so evasive! Looks like fun! Hope you had a great time celebrating Ty's birthday!

kandy said...

Way to go you Irish wannabees! Maybe you can't catch one cuz you are not Irish!