Saturday, August 27, 2011

Benchmark Geocache

 Leah and Summer had a fun extra
credit report for Earth Science.  They
were asked to locate a local 'benchmark'
& photograph it (with proof they went).
 The definition of a benchmark is:
'a permanently affixed mark that 
establishes the exact elevation of
a place; used by surveyors in 
measuring site elevations, or 
as a starting point.'
This benchmark was put there in
1933, 13 years after this school was
built.  It is the Clarkdale High School,
which was shut down in 1958 when 
it consolidated with Mingus Union 
High School  (where Summer & Leah go).
With our geocaching skills, it took 
us 2 minutes to find this benchmark.
That is one easy extra credit project!


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Always interesting stuff

The Fosters said...

Cool! We need to go geocaching again!