Saturday, May 7, 2011

A very scary FHE

 Ty was in charge of the lesson for 
Family Home Evening this week.  He 
taught a great lesson and then insisted 
that dad had us do face painting for 
the activity.  We decided to attack Ty with
the paint and surprise him.  That's the
cutest lion I've ever seen.
He liked to scare us by showing off his
fangs.  After seeing African Cats in the 
theater, we knew he had to have fangs
in honor of 'Fang'.  Did you see that movie?
We loved it...I actually teared up in parts.
I'm a softy, for sure!  :0)


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Love the hair too, or should I say mane

kandy said...

So cute! No facepaint for the girls? What was his lesson on?

Becky Macbeth said...

You sure know how to take FHE to a new level! How fun. He is by far the cutest little lion EVER!