Friday, May 6, 2011

16 years in the making!

Las Vegas.  The town my husband and 
eldest daughter were born in.  Jason called
Vegas home for 24 years, I called
it home for 3 years, and Summer called
it home for one year.
Keep in mind, Mormons aren't big 
gamblers (we actually are counseled not
to gamble at all...rightfully so).  Well, my cousin
Kelly and her husband Steve came to visit us
there once and we went to play Craps.  Kelly
was on a roll with the dice and I decided to 
place a bet on a HARD TEN (my lucky #).
What should Kelly roll?  Two fives...that's
a hard ten!  Yay!  My first 'big win'.  
I walked out of there with $120 and
haven't played since.  That was 14 or so
years ago.  What we have played for
all 16 years of our marriage is hand 
held poker.  No sin in that, right!?!
:0)  16 years, and never a royal flush.

Until yesterday!  Can you believe it!?!
It took over 3 minutes to tally up the
50,000 point win.  Too bad that wasn't
real.  What I could do with $50,000!
16 years to win?  Yep, it's a good thing
I don't gamble in 'real life'.  :0)
It was a pretty exciting win either way.


kelly said...

wow...our dirty gambling night is out. that was a fun experience. don't spend your winnings all in one hit {giggle}

kandy said...

Those hand held games can be addicting. Ours broke years ago. I miss it! Congrats on the big win and yes it is a good thing you didn't spend real money for 16 years!!!

Jen said...

Sorry to spill the beans Kelly.
It was such a long time ago...sins expire, right!?! HaHa