Sunday, May 15, 2011

Queen of Pronouns

Sydney's class put on the play
'Pirates from Grammar Island'
this week.  Syd was chosen for the
part of the Queen of Pronouns.
She had a large solo at the end of the
play and she did a great job.
 She has enjoyed her teacher Ms. Klassen
this year.  5th grade is a tough age, but she
has managed to sail through without any
issues.  We are so proud of that girl.
 The whole class worked on the decorations
and props for the play.  Syd was really proud
of the skeletons she drew for the ship and
the flag.  They did a great job decorating.
 Here she is with some of her best buds.
Chelsea, Sydney, Kylie, & Emily.
Madi was in the other class this year,
but they just found out they will be together
next year.  They are both VERY happy
about that.  It was a fun play, with fun
music, and adorable actors.


jorgegr said...

Looks like you guys have been very busy. How fun for Sydney to be in the play. SHe looks so pretty.

kandy said...

Bet you did a great job Syd and can't wait for you to sing for us in a few weeks

We Blog Artists said...

BRAVA Sydney...sounds like you have a VERY Proud Mama who thinks the WORLD of you!!!!

Hey Jen, thanks for sharing...sorry I haven't been by in a while...took a little computer break! ...