Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom in 8th grade???

 For the past 2 weeks, I have been working
with a bunch of moms at Summer's school to
create "A Night in Paris" theme for their
8th grade Promotion Dance.  Is this a new
thing...the word Promotion?  We called it 
graduation back in my day.  Guess I'm showing
my age here.  :0)  It looked like Prom to me.
 Sydney helped me put the food tables together.
Summer has complained that this school has
lame dances.  She said they never have snacks.
Well, we made up for it!  The food rocked!
She had it all.  I was a fan of the DJ, especially
since he played two Bruno Mars songs.
 Since I was at the school from 1:30 until 10:30 that
night, Summer went home with Gloria to get ready.
Gloria put make-up on Summer and curled her hair.
MAKE-UP ON SUMMER!  That is a rare sight.
She looked beautiful!!!
 Leah went to Loree's house to get ready and
Loree spent 2 hours straightening Leah's hair.
She looked beautiful, but I find it funny that
Summer spent a bunch of time trying to go
curly, and Leah went straight.  The grass 
is always greener.  :0)  Cute girls!!!
I forgot I had had my camera set to low light, so
all of my pictures are blurry.  Sorry.  Here's the
whole group: Loree, Gloria, Leah, & Summer.
They were so cute, they even pulled Syd onto
the dance floor a few times.  Syd had a blast 
watching from the kitchen, as did I.  
It was a fun night.


mummyof6monsters said...

love those school things! and any excuse to dress up is good too:)

kandy said...

Wow, that was some fancy dance! Summer you looked so cute. What did Syd wear? glad you had a good time. The food makes me hungry!

Becky Macbeth said...

Summer looks gorgeous! Jen, you really do have to outdo yourself in everything, don't you?! What a woman!

kelly said...

i believe it was 8th grade graduation for me too. pretty fancy for the age. but glad that you got to experience it!

Rachael said...

How fun! I know...they call it Promotion here too! She looks beautiful. I caved and let Alexis wear mascara and blush...I figure whats the harm...something not worth fighting for me.
You are such an involved mom!!!

jorgegr said...

Very pretty girls and I agree they do need good food to eat!