Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No more K, just 1, 6, &9

 Today was a sad, yet exciting day.  Ty
graduated from kindergarten.  Now we
officially have a 1st grader, a 6th grader,
& a high school freshman.  Most importantly,
they all graduated with straight A's (or whatever
Ty's kindergarten equivalent to A's are).
 Ty was a handsome man today.  His teacher,
Mrs. Shilling made scrapbooks for all the
kids & the first page showed him in August
2010 when he started.  His cheeks were so
chubby and cute....not that they aren't 
chubby now, but there is a vast difference.
I sure do love this kid!
We will miss Mrs. Shilling.  It was her first
year teaching and she had such a passion
for it.  Ty was very lucky to have her.
Next year he gets Mrs. Densmore, who
happened to be Summer's 1st grade teacher
in Sedona when we first moved here.  
Now summertime can begin!
We're off to California in the morning,
following Ty's big Pulmonary appointment
in Phoenix.  We'll keep you posted on that.


kandy said...

Congrats Ty, Syd, and Summer. Wow straight A's for everybody!!!

jorgegr said...

Great job to your kids!

Becky Macbeth said...

So cute! Straight As all around...they must have an incredible mother! ;)

Rachael said...

I was just comparing pictures of my kids from the first day or school to the last! They change so much!
Good luck in Phoenix and have fun in California!