Sunday, May 29, 2011

2 hrs. and 45 min. later...

We have safely arrived in California after stopping off in Phoenix for Ty's Pediatric Pulmonary appointment at St. Joseph's Hospital.  We had Summer and Sydney positioned outside our window on the third floor.  They had the dog and the kitten.  It was 97* out and, luckily, they had a nice breeze and some shade.  Little did we know that the appointment would take 2 hours and 45 minutes and we still don't have the answers we are seeking.  Here is what we do know:
*When we arrived, Ty's lung capacity measured at 67% in one area
*After the first treatment of the drug that mother's intuition told me that it was the wrong medicine, it plummeted to 43%
*After a second treatment (another steroid), he again remained around 43%  :0(
*After a third treatment (another Steroid), he went up to a 58%

Scary, I tell you!  We left there ready for his appointments for multiple blood tests, lung screening, and a GI test.  Should be fun...but it's worth it to get that boy healthy!

Sorry for the boring medical post.


Angela said...

Fingers crossed and saying prayers for Ty!!

Angie said...

Poor Ty! Prayers are coming your way!

kelly said...

being one who has lung issues...i understand your frustrations. wish you could see my pulmonologist.

Kerry said...

Where are you? Still in Phoenix? You guys can come over. We are here. Call me!

Jen said...

@Kerry- We are in CA now. Thanks, though. I may take you up on that for future appointments with that Dr. Thanks!