Friday, April 1, 2011

Roatan, Honduras

We decided to plan a beach day in
Honduras, rather than doing an
excursion.  When we got off the ship
we found a large bus taxi that provided
us with a tour guide for the day.
 Our tour guides name was Lorna Doone and she
has never heard about the cookies with the same 
name.  We got her address and my mom is going to 
send her a package or two of Lorna Doone Cookies.
I think she will love them.  What's not to
love.  Anyway, she took us to the most
 beautiful beach.  We fell in love with this local
boy, Elvis.  He would blow these conch shells and 
make it look so easy.  So far, none of us can do it
as well as he could.  He also sold us some seahorse
skeletons.  Ty took his to school for show-and-tell 
and the seahorse was a big hit.
 The water was crystal clear and the perfect
temperature.  While I held Libby in the water
until she fell asleep, the rest of the gang went
snorkeling.  I have a HUGE fear of fish thanks
to my mother and my 8 yr. old experience being
attacked by fish in Hawaii while my mom giggled 
and fed those same killer fish bread!  
I was traumatized, I tell you!!!
 This picture is of Lorna Doone's house
and the 'grocery store' right next to it.
As you can see by her house, they were
all brightly painted and really cute.  The
ocean was straight across the street from it.
Now that is ocean front property!
 We really enjoyed a day of being lazy on 
the beach there.  Glad we 'took the day off'.
Although, no one enjoyed it there as much as 
my dad did.  $50 for an hour massage....
 right on the beach!  Can't beat that!
We loved Roatan, Honduras!


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jorgegr said...

Wow you are really maiking me want to go on a cruise and leave this rainy weather behind!

The Fosters said...

We are having really nice weather here now but I still miss that gorgeous water!