Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cayman Islands

 On March 25th (which happens to be
Jason's birthday), we anchored in The
Cayman Islands.  We spent the day being
spoiled rotten...once again!  :0)
 Amy & Mark's friends (which happen to be
the co-owners of NuSkin) picked us up in their
boat and took us to their home on Grand Cayman.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then we were
off to enjoy the many wonders the Cayman Islands
have to offer.  Holy cow, I could live there TODAY!
 This was their private beach.  The Roneys and
the Lunds all own houses in one of the
'neighborhoods' there.  They backed up to 
each other, yet both were right on the water. 
The crystal clear water is impossible
to escape from....which makes it so appealing!
 The main house is on the left behind Becky
and Libby.  To the right is their little bungalow.
In between the two was their pool.  Beach, 
pool, hammocks, catamaran...your choice!
 Brook Roney even included the 2 local KFC's
on our tour of Grand Cayman.  I would drop 
everything today to move there and have Jason
own those.  What a life...summer 365 days a year.
I think I could handle that!  :0)  
Although hurricane season doesn't sound like 
much fun!  They had extensive damage
to all of their homes there with the last big one. 
 We enjoyed the private tour.  There
is no better way to see all Greater 
Cayman has to offer than by sea. 
My dream home in Grand Cayman!
 Our first stop was to snorkel (I held Libby)
and then we went to Stingray City.
I think this will be Jason's new favorite
picture.  He may be white, but he has never
looked thinner.  I wish I got my picture
in the 'magically thinning water'.  :0)
 Do you see those dark shadows swarming
around Brad & Libby?  Those are ginormous
stingrays!  Holy cow those things were big
and they liked to SWARM!  I held on to Jason's
back and wrapped myself around him like an
octopus.  Guess what?  I survived!  Yay!
 Look how cute my mom, Becky, & Libby
are.  Libby even got to touch one.  Once she did 
it, I knew I had to.  It felt pretty cool.  Very slippery
and smooth.  I'm glad I did it, but I never need
to repeat.  Once in a lifetime, right!?!
What a great birthday Jason had.
I'm glad we were there.  Thanks to the
Roneys, we all had a spectacular day!


jorgegr said...

So awesome, that water looks amazing. What a way to spend a birthday.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

I'll second that

kandy said...

Wow...we love that place!!! Let's go back!

Rachael said...

WOW!!!! Those are big!!!