Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer at Out of Africa

Summer's school instituted what they call a
'Service Learning Project'. Each student has to
do 4 hours of community service to better our
local situation. When Summer told me about it,
I immediately thought of Out of Africa...our
Wildlife Park that is 1/2 hr. away.
When I called to see if they had any service
she could provide, we lucked out. The lady that
answered was wonderful. Not only did they
let Summer arrange a time to come and
'work', but they spoiled her. She is a true animal
lover....she has a snake as a pet (need I say more).
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and
she thrived in it. Animal career in the future?
I believe so!
Her favorite part was when she got
to feed the white tiger. They had a bucket full
of raw meat for her and she thought it was pretty cool.
She got to help out with the Creature Feature Show
which had an anaconda, an iguana, and a blue
tongued skink. She spent most of her time in
the Pet & Feed scooping poop. While on her
lunch break, they missed the birth of 2 goats.
She quickly raced over there and got some
cute pictures of them...she stayed behind the
fence so she wouldn't freak the mom out.
Thanks to Out of Africa for an incredible
experience for Summer. Lucky girl!!!


We Blog Artists said...

lucky Summer...that's fantastic!!!
looks so lovely and warm!!!

kelly said...

sounds like a great experience

amy said...

We still need to go there sometime.

jorgegr said...

Wow that's the kind of community service I want to do.

kandy said...

I'm sure glad there was a fence between Summer and the tiger!