Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pirates of the...Cupcake Bingo???

Leah, Kaylee, and Summer
Last night was Cupcake Bingo at Ty and Sydney's
school. Summer and Leah ditched their school's
Valentine's Dance (which they were happy to miss)
to come play along. Sydney won the 4 corners game
and Leah won the Blackout game. It was a fun
evening. A lady was there painting faces for $1
and the cool kids went for mustaches
and eyeballs (Syd did it, too).
Thanks to my friend Jason Shultz for taking this
picture on his cell phone. I'll post pics of Ty & Syd later.


kandy said...

That's actually quite scary

jorgegr said...


Angela said...

Those faces are hilarious! It took me a minute to realize their eyelids were painted! HOW cute! Sounds like a fun night!