Friday, December 10, 2010

A Sneak Peek!

Summer was a lifesaver today.
So were my friends Tandy, Nicole,
Janae, and Ashley! We survived
because of them...and the party was
a huge success (I think). :0)

Summer had a 'dentist appointment'. That's
why I picked her up at 11:00. At the 'dentist'
she peeled and cut enough potatoes to feed
an army. Without her, I wouldn't have made it!

Then it was time to decorate. She was a
good sport. Just ignore the snotty teenage
expression in the picture. Typical!

Our wise men came through, big time!
They looked fantastic, they delivered
their lines well, and the little kids
loved watching the bishopric
act 'wise'. OK, not so much. :0)

Karin was my co-chair for the evening and
this expression captures it all. IT'S OVER!
Yay. I'll share more details tomorrow.
As for now, I need to get comfy on the
couch and watch Survivor. I must have been
busy if I am 3 days behind on that show!


kandy said...

More pictures please. Bless Summers pointy little head!

Karin said...

This is a cute blog site. Never heard of it before but I like it. Your pictures are lovely, Kids are adorable. I think you may be right about them being the most adorable salvation army bell ringers. That is, next to my kids who haven't shared that experience yet. Thanks for all your good work. Caio