Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Hills Talent!

One thing that was easy about planning
the ward party was finding the talent.
Wow! This is one talented ward.

Judy Backus and her son Chad (our good friend)
were given 1 days notice to sing a duet. You
see, our original soloist got sick, then her
substitute soloist got sick. Thank goodness
the Backus' were able to fill in. I still
don't know if Chad will ever speak to me again.

Niki happened to be the 2nd soloist that was
too sick to sing (let alone talk), but she played
the piano beautifully! I felt so bad every time I
had to talk to her beforehand. She had no voice
left, but she was still willing. That is one sweet girl!

We had Cara and Amberlynn play
for us. It was really beautiful.

Kaylee sang 'We Three Kings' and I was
amazed. She has such poise and a really
sweet voice. Sydney has been taking
Kaylee to Ms. Janie for voice lessons the
two weeks. It paid off. Talent!!!

As always, my favorite part was when the primary
kids got up to sing. They sang 'Away in a Manger' and
they nailed it! Not all of them opted to get up there,
but those that did really gave it their all.

Sydney finished up the 'serious' part of the
program with a lullaby Mary sings to the
baby Jesus called 'All Through the Night.' It
is a really pretty song and she sings it so well.

I know I said the primary is my favorite,
but I lied. Syd beats it! :0)
After the closing prayer, we sent everyone
off with a bang. We had the worlds cutest
cloggers perform. They were covered with jingle
bells and had adorable costumes. So cute!

I was so sad when I got home and found out that
this picture was blurry. McKell was killing us when she
got down on the stage to pose like that. That is one
cute kid (they all are). So, all in all, I say
it was a roaring success. Now, I'm off to
spend some quality time with my kids.
They need it, as do I!!!


Angela said...

I am glad everything turned out great!! Good thing you had extra help from the "dental patient"- ha!!

I got your Christmas card :) What a gorgeous family!!

kandy said...

A great program to go with a great dinner . Kudos to you!