Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Bently's Shower

Our close family friend, Heather Coyner,
is expecting her first child. We were lucky
enough to get to throw her a baby shower!

We took a group picture of the 3 1/2
Coyner girls. They are the cutest family
and baby Bently has no idea how lucky
she is to have them as her own!

Brooke, Heather, and Linda
You know me...I love to throw a party!
We had fun with the girl theme...we even
borrowed the 'It's a girl' sign from
Becky. It was a leftover from one of
Libby's many showers! :0)

I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen, but
boy was it worth it! Yummy food is always
worth it. Am I right, or am I right!?!

I mentioned to Linda (Heather's mom) that a
little party favor would be great. Well, my
crafty friend took the hint and RAN WITH IT!
How adorable are these lollipop bath goodies!?!
I love having talented friends!
Now, I can't wait until January 7th
when we get to meet Lil' Bently!

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kandy said...

Those are darling favors and your table looked fabulous! Get job as usual!