Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sydney's Room

Sydney and her new buddy Madi came home to
pose for a few pictures between volleyball &
soccer practices. They managed a couple minutes
in the pool to cool down between sports.
The sun comes in her room full force in the
afternoons (as you can see in this photo).
She changed from her all pink room
to denim and reds. It looks really cute
and I think she is really proud of it.
I love the archways all over this house.
If I had my way I would pave the road,
get new carpet, & change the tile....but
that's not an option. We are pretty happy
here. Guess it's all worth it!
The boys will have this whole house to
themselves this weekend while the
girls and I head to Southern California.
The girls are in a wedding of a dear friend


jorgegr said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures. Have fun in CA.

Lane & Jannica said...

I want your coffee/end tables! And I used to have basically the same bed spread as Syd!