Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer's Room

Today we are featuring Summer's surfer
room. She loves having the office as her bedroom.
She has always wanted hardwood she
gets blue tiled floors! :0) OK, maybe that's not
quite the same thing, but oh well.

One night while I was already in bed (10:15ish),
she went push pin crazy. I had approved 1
poster...not 3! That little booger.
This post was a day late because of her computer.
Who knew that setting up this bad boy
would slow me down
so much?
Well, as I type she is standing

over my shoulder waiting for me to
leave her
room. Wow, I feel the love!

Here Ty is showing you our 'lovely' front door.
:0) No privacy here! It's a good thing the
dirt road wraps around the back of the house
to warn us when we have visitors. "Hurry,
throw on something over your bathing suit!"


kandy said...

libby and i love looking at your pictures

Lane & Jannica said...

I'm loving your house so far! Wish I could come visit!

Becky Macbeth said...

I'm so glad she's finally getting to use that comforter Grammy made! It looks great!

Callie said...

lets hope you are always throwing something over your bathing suit. not "hurri, throw something on!" :)you house looks fun! jealous of the pool!