Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MY top 3 excursions in Italy and France!

I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Really!
Jason and I celebrated 15 years of marriage
by hitting some of the most romantic places on
earth. Other than Jason getting his Ipod stolen
and me getting the flu, it was as romantic as we
had hoped. Here are my top three experiences:
We opted for a tour through Rome on Vespa's!
Our adorable Italian guides showed up at our
hotel ready to go. We enjoyed 4 hours of 1 on 1
time with them...just the 4 of us. They were
both life-long locals and they truly spoiled us with
their personal tour of Rome. My driver, Antonio,
even set up Jason and I for a romantic lunch
at his friends restaurant afterwards. Now, you can't
get better service than that! It was AWESOME!!!
I took this one while driving down one of the
crazy Roman streets. Drivers are crazy there!
That is one place I would never want to rent a car.
Everyone drives tiny cars or Vespa's...and now I
know why! Antonio was driving the cutest 1957
Vespa that was in mint condition. Fun! Fun! Fun!
We took a tour of the Southern Coast of Italy.
Capri, Italy is officially my favorite place on earth!
It is beautiful!!! One of the biggest tourist attractions
is a place called the Blue Grotto. Only 30% of the
people that come to see it actually get to. It is a
small cave off the Mediterranean Sea and you have
to lay down in a small row boat to enter...which
means the tides and sea must cooperate. I'm not
exaggerating when I say that I almost got my
nose scraped off when we entered the cave. That
opening is small! Once inside this pitch black cave,
this is what you get to experience:The water literally glows from underneath.
It is the most beautiful teal blue you can imagine.
Summer was mad that I didn't bottle up some of it
for her, yet I don't think it would glow in a bottle! :0)
This one is a no-brainer. Of course the Eiffel
Tower (and Paris, in general) are in my top 3!
We had lunch IN the Eiffel Tower...which was
delicious! What an experience. All in all,
we are very spoiled and had a wonderful time!
I made sure to touch Point Zero in Paris,
which is supposed to assure my return
someday. Kids, pack your bags!
Mommy wants to go back!!!


Jen Rose said...

Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! I want to see that water! I'm so glad you had a great time! You deserve it! I'm excited to see you twice this month! cabin and beach! Can't wait!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

It looks like you had a great time. Steve would like the vintage Vespa, what a fun way to tour Rome.

Connie B said...

Great photo's Jen.... more, more, more! Welcome home and just take your time settling back in. We were only on vacation six days and I'm still in holiday mode :)

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

Take me too. Looks so fun and that is so beautiful in the cave.

kandy said...

I want to go back too and see Capri and the Blue Grotto. Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

kelly said...

sounds like a great vacation. it will be hard to beat this anniversary.

amy said...

Amazing photos Jen! I'm so glad you had the opportunity because our parents made it so!