Friday, April 2, 2010

Golf, anyone?

It's Easter weekend and my parents have come
to visit. As always, Jason insists my dad goes golfing.
My mom and I took the kids on a walk/hike
down our street and ended up on the golf
course to watch the men on their last 2 holes.

My dad ended up winning....but the kids didn't care
about who was winning or losing. The excitement
lies somewhere else. Let's just say 'Zoom'! :0)

Summer and Sydney had fun fighting over the
golf cart. I must say I was much more impressed
with Summer behind the wheel of one of these little
beauties. To make a long story short, when we
rented the Jeep last year, we allowed her to drive....
or try to drive. Luckily we were in neutral because
she slammed on the gas thinking it was the break.
As I said, she made up for it today....even though her
left foot was resting on the break the whole time.

Scary that her driving days are exactly
3 years and 6 days away! Help me!!!!

I am so glad that my adorable parents
are here to play with me! Yay!!!


Anonymous said...

No mom, i didn't even touch the break the whole time, that's why Grammy and Syd were screaming at me to slow down! :)

kelly said...

enjoy the time with your parents...and of course...illegal kids driving

kandy said...

You sure live in a great place.