Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yummy food blog...and some Dutch! :0)

My moms cousin Jessica has started the
best blog ever!
She shares family history photos, recipes,
and a little Dutch lesson or two.

She knows her way around the kitchen, too!
I haven't seen any of the pictures that she shares
there before. Today she has a post about one
of my moms (Kandy) recipes.

This is a picture she included with the post.(1965)
Obviously my mom is a lot older than Jessica,
but how cute is that!?! Trust me, you will
enjoy the blog, the recipes, and a glimpse at
our Dutch ancestors! Have fun with Jessica.
I know I do!!! Thanks, Jess!

click here to go to her website


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks for sharing Jen...
AND you know it means the World to me that you guys are`s rare that these thoughts and moments occur...but thankfully friends like yourself always pop up to raise my Spirits.
THANK YOU sweet and kind`re an amazing person.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, look at how long Grammy's hair was!!! adorable!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Love the photos! Going to check out that blog now. I LOVE new recipes!

Jessica said...

How sweet! Thank you for sharing. I hope it will be enjoyed. I know I enjoy doing it. Love, Cousin (Nicht) Jessica (flourgirl)

Anonymous said...

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