Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowed In!!!

I have to be careful with this post. First
off, we had fun, I promise! Now, on with
the details. Now, notice where the snow hits
Ty in this picture. When we arrived at 2 a.m.
(after a 40 minute snowmobile ride, which is
usually 5 minutes) the snow was this
deep at the front door.
Now, notice the snow has gone from waist deep to
neck deep in this picture...same spot. May not
seem like much, but this kept us snowed in for
4 days and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and
nephew snowed out for 2 nights! They had
to stay in a hotel at the bottom of the mountain
since we couldn't get them in through the
blowing snow and NO visibility.

This meant:
*The men worked 24/7 on the snowmobiles
(making trails, digging them out, and fixing parts)
*The ladies slaved away over the stove (rationing the
food we actually were able to snowmobile in)
*The kids played, and played, and played!!!

Brady brought his friend Jonathan and he helped
Fletcher build an awesome snow cave right outside the
cabin window.....which means I got to stay warm as I
snapped this picture! :0)

Summer and Tate had fun snowboarding
and being the crazy girls they are!

Thank goodness for warm winter clothes,
a warm, comfortable cabin, and great
company. This is a trip we will NEVER
forget. We did get to hit the slopes of
Brianhead the day before we left and
we could have skied and snowboarded
in short sleeves. BEAUTIFUL!!!

What a great beginning to our Spring Break!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Great snow photos! That is one Spring Break for the books.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Ok...so if there are 2 comments from me it's because I tried already once and then got an error!
YOUR Vacation looks AWESOME...I'd love to be snowed in with you all...love the pics of Ty and the SNOW wall.

The Fosters said...

It really does look like fun - you guys have a great cabin.

Angela said...

That snow is so white and beautiful. You always take the best photos! Do you scrapbook? If you do, I bet you have some awesome scrapbooks!

Angie said...

Wow!! Looks fun! You know I've still never been to the cabin when there's snow...one of these years! Justin and Kristy are headed up there next week...jealous! ;)

jorgegr said...

Wow that's a lot of snow!!!