Thursday, March 25, 2010

37 and across the country! :0(

Happy Birthday, Jason!
Jason is currently in New Jersey,
all alone and celebrating his 37th birthday.
The KFC Board that he sits on switched things
up this time and they headed to New Jersey instead
of Louisville. This officially marks Jason's farthest
journey to the east....we plan on changing that this
summer. :0) He sent me this picture yesterday.
What a beautiful view of Manhattan!
We'll be celebrating his birthday a day late &
he'll be enjoying his 1st Class flight for sure!
Happy Birthday!!!


amy said...

happy b day jason

jorgegr said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!

Becky Macbeth said...

So that's why he didn't answer his phone!!! Hope you're spoiling him today!

kandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jason! Looks like it was fun.