Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My deep, dark secret!

Please don't get angry when I tell you
that I have been keeping a big, deep,
dark secret from all of you. Sorry!
Back in August (while at the beach house),
I had a tooth abscess. After numerous Dr.
visits, it was decided that I needed to have the
tooth pulled. No biggie, right!?! Well, actually,
since I admit to being a total tooth snob, it was too
much for me to handle! I had lower braces put on the
day before the tooth was pulled to assure the quick
movement of my teeth (to hide the hole). :0)
So, since August, I have had braces on my bottom
teeth. Sure, look back at previous posts and see if
you can see them....a game of sorts. :0)
Well, the tooth snob can no longer hide!
I will have these beauties for a few months and
then go back to normal...hopefully!
Yes, I did have braces once before in Jr. High.
Yes, my dad's not too happy about the fact
that I needed them again. At least this time
I have a husband that has to pay for them
(and they cost twice as much now).

No, I'm not thrilled with the way I look in them!
People say it makes me look 5 years younger
(they are just being nice, I know),
which would make me 30. So, does that mean I'll
look 5 years older when they come off, making me look
40?!? Oh, my! This 35 yr old looks ridiculous!!!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

You are to funny. I think you look FABULOUS you crazy girl

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

They do make you look very young...but only because we associate braces with teens...
Hey...just think...your smile will be gorgeous again in a couple of months...
SO pleased you LOVE your painting...I really am very sorry it took SO long!
Have a great day...

Oklahoma Granny said...

Those braces will come off before you know it and in the meantime I think you look cute in them.

Anonymous said...

haha mom the way you embarrass me!lol just kidding!!! :) mom u totally look way younger and you could pass as a 14 year old any day!!!
-Your favorite daughter Summer:)

Andi said...

Now that is the Jen I remember....that brings back a lot of memories. You look FABULOUS!!! (as always)

kandy said...

Sure glad we aren't paying for these!!! You look cute!

amy said...

Cute! I knew they were coming! Just wear your retainer this time around!

Angela said...

I think you look cute in them!

Callie said...

oh my gosh! so funny! love them, more power to ya though! i got braces a second time in college, before i was married, (he put them back on for free because he wasnt happy with them) WORST IDEA EVER! zero self confidence! but after marriage its for better or for worse right? they look great!

kelly said...

they don't look big fear though as nate is horrible about wearing his retainer...but you are right about the cost being your nickle this time

Becky Macbeth said...

WHOA!!! I had no idea you were gonna get the top, too! Lucky you! Gotta say - not jealous a bit!