Friday, February 5, 2010

Melted Snow!

Ty and I have been taking walks around our
neighborhood lately. We do a mile loop
and we have been loving it.

We invited the girls to join us on Wed. to a new
adventure we located. Just at the end of our street,
there is a ravine. Down the steep slope, there
is a running stream of melted snow. It has
created a natural red rock slide similar (but
a lot smaller) to Slide Rock here in Sedona.
We have company coming this weekend and
the girls are determined to take them there
in their bathing suits and slide down it!
Need I remind them....
it is melted snow!?! Brrr!!!
My rock hoppers are too funny! I've
decided you can categorize us.
Here it goes:

1. Summer the Adventurer
(always the first to kick off her
shoes and get wet)

2. Sydney the Follower
(if Summer didn't die doing
it, maybe I will survive, too)

3. Ty and Mommy the Brains
(we know that is freezing cold water
and choose to stay dry)
Whatever category we all fall in, we love
our new find! Stay tuned for pictures this weekend
when the girls will go rock sliding in the
Polar Bear Club! :0)

By the way, Scoop was the biggest fan
of this hike. She dove in the deepest part
over and over again. It made for one happy dog!


Anonymous said...

Haha those categories are sooo true!!! ( except the part about you being the brain... more like the chicken:)!!!!) Ha i love you!!

Anonymous said...

oops i forgot to put my name...

Angela said...

Those are great pictures!!!

I would be in the "brains" category too!

Jen said...

I don't think I would call Syd a follower!!!!!!!!!!(summer is the follower!!!!!!!!!!)


kandy said...

I'm excited to go there - where exactly is it? I have never seen it on my walks in your neighborhood.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I LOVE that rock you have near you...SO red!
Thanks for VOTING for you could see it was a fun little challenge...
I appreciate your time spent heading over ther...

Becky Macbeth said...

Cool hike! I'm jealous! And guaranteed...Brad would be with Sum and Syd, and I'd join you and Ty in the warm zone! ;)