Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sydney's Audition

Last night was Sydney's big night.
She auditioned to become the Sedona
Sunrise Superstar! It was set up like
American Idol Auditions, but they
don't tell you if you make it that night.
The 20 that make it (3 nights of auditions)
will get a phone call in December and the
eliminations start in January.

The room was set up with a stage up
front, three cameras recording her, and
an audience full of people. Mrs. Goodman,
Sydney's 4th grade teacher, was there to cheer
her on, too. SYDNEY WAS AMAZING!!!
I finally got it up on YouTube. This is a
short version...keep in mind it is a cappella and
the sound isn't the greatest. She is on key the
whole time and amazing! Check it out here!


Angela said...

She looks so beautiful!

1LuvnMama said...

U go girl! Great job! I could never get up in front of all those people . . . hats off to u!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I think you may just be the mother of the next Taylor Swift! Good luck to your daughter. I know how proud you must be. "Love Story" is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs/videos.

kandy said...

Way to go Syd!!!! You were awesome! Good luck!

Heather Rice said...

We loved your song! from Katelyn
We hope you win! from Madison
WOW Sydney! You did an amazing job! You didn't even look nervous. I am so impressed. from Aunt Heather