Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Service Project

Our Ward (which is our local church family)
has asked that each family donate a blanket
for the needy this year. I decided to keep it
simple and kid friendly by doing a fleece blanket.

We chose a fun polka dot print and a solid
pink. We knotted the 2 sides together
and...we got a cute, comfy, & soft blanket!

Ty was the most talented 'knotter'.
He definitely did the most work...
even if we had to redo all of his. :0)

It was so soft, I had to fight all of them off
afterward. We hope it keeps someone feeling
warm and loved this winter. Now,
what shall we do next?


1LuvnMama said...

luv the colors on that blanket! my son has 2 of them . . . not made by me, but my my mother and a cousin. he luvs them! nice donation jen . . . and a nice family project!

Angela said...

It turned out so cute!! What a sweet family project!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Children are so naturally charible. It's great to see them provide service. We saw it time & time again on our mission.