Monday, November 23, 2009

KFC with Kade!

Tonight is the night we have been
waiting for! After over 2 months,
we got to see Kade and his family!

Kade Backus is an awesome family friend
who was hit by a car while riding his bike.
If you need a refresher on his story,
click here. He is AMAZING!!!

Kade and Summer are true friends. They
went right back to the way things were...
although they were texting each other
from across the table (that's a new one)!

They got to hang out for over 4 hours
and they never stopped flirting!!!

Mason and Ty acted like they never
said goodbye! It's a good thing we knew
everyone in the restaurant...they were
a little wild, but sooo cute!!!

Cali is as beautiful as ever. She is such
a sweet girl, unless she's attacking her
brothers. She can hold her own!!!

Alec Backus is impossible to take a
picture of! I tried many times and this
was the best one I got. Teenagers!!!!

It was great to see them, but
now we will miss them even more!!!
We'll have to head to Utah to visit them soon.


Kerry said...

Hey Jen, I'm finally catching up on you and Connie's blogs. Your pictures look great! If I don't see you (I think you are going to Ca.) have a great Thanksgiving! Take care, Kerry

kandy said...

Aren't friends great? Kade looks great!

Angela said...

Happy Thanksgiving Stewart family!!

Jen, I just posted the swap partners on my blog if you want to see.

Joan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jen and family!

I'm your buddy for the Christmas swap.

I hope your holiday is wonderful!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

so sad to have missed it. That backus family is a bunch of I see a good match with yours!!!