Monday, September 7, 2009

Kade Backus

Have you ever watched a movie when
the lead actors are a boy and girl that are
best friends and maybe, just maybe
it turns into something more later in
their lives? Well, that is the story of
Summer and her good friend Kade. The
moment they met they were instant
friends! Honestly, when the two of them
are together...there is no shutting them up!
We wouldn't mind if they ended
up together someday! :0)
Alec (Kade's older brother), Kade, Summer,
& Sydney on the Backus' boat last summer.
Summer and Kade showing off their
tubing skills last summer.
The Backus and Stewart kids last summer.
Well, sadly, this past week Kade was in a horrible
accident where he collided with a truck while
riding his bike. He has been in the Salt Lake
Children's Hospital since. We were able to go
visit him on Sunday and he is doing remarkably
well. They are slowly waking him up (he was
out while we were there). If you are interested
in more of the story you can go to the blog his
parents have started to document his recovery.
We hope to help get some fundraising started here
locally for the Backus family. I will keep you posted.
We know that it is because of all the prayers
that have gone out for him and his family that
they are all doing so well. He has a major surgery
scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow), so please
keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

He is a fighter and we know
he is going to be laughing it
up with Summer in the near
future! We love you, Kade!


Angela said...

Jen, I am so sorry to hear that about Summer's friend.

There will be prayers said for him tonight in Mississippi.

Please keep us updated.

Laurie said...

Glad I stumbled on this post...I will be praying for Kade...Kade & Summer BFF!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...So sorry to read this story, but you're doing a wonderful thing by posting it.
I'll be thinking and praying for him.

jorgegr said...

So sorry. I hope Kade has a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

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