Monday, September 21, 2009

So long....Thomas!

Many missionaries have entered our lives
that we really liked. We LOVE Elder Wolcott.
His time finally came and he is being transferred.
The above picture depicts the way
we always were around him!
He was too much fun!!!

He could make a game of 'indoor soccer'
the coolest game ever. Let's not
even mention Ninja Destruction!

Elder Sundles has some big shoes to fill,
but we know he is up for the task!

Like I said, he could make
a game out of anything!!!

The girls really enjoyed his visits!
Cheesy poses,
awkward pyramids,
and successful
(or not-so-successful) body
building exercises!

We will miss you, Elder Wolcott!
We WILL keep in touch!!!


The Fosters said...

And where is he going? Sounds like he was a great missionary. Where was he from? Good luck to him.

Jen said...

He's from Texas and he has 13 months left to serve. He won't know where he is headed until he leaves us on Wed. :0(

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Oh sad--we liked him too...he was salt of the earth...his own conversion story was AMAZING!That was one hard thing to do was have not time to say good-bye when you are transferred!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Elder looks like her certainly entertained your family!
What a great guy!
I love visiting your blog, and family! day we'll meet up...I'm sure.
Take care Jen.
Thanks for always coming and posting such wholesome and kind words on our's *muchly* appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hey guess what its your favorite trouble maker.. im in peoria.. i tryied to call but no one answered... ill call again promise... love ya talk soon