Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's a Young Woman!

Almost daily, Jason and I find ourselves
looking at each other and exclaiming,
'Are we really the parents of a 12 year
old?' Yep! And everyday, she finds
ways to remind us of this fact!

Last night she had her first paid gig as a
REAL BABYSITTER! $5 an hour to watch
the grandsons of some people in our ward.
She brought games, popcorn, and helped them
change in and out of their Halloween costumes
all night. The Grandma called afterward to
tell me her grandsons are officially in love.
As Summer put it, 'What's up with all the
young ones falling for me?' Too cute!

Another way she is showing her age is the
excitement she shows for her Tuesday night
Young Women's Activities. She loves getting
together with her friends. They have had a few
stake activities lately where she has had a chance
to hang out with her Girls Camp Buddies.

I missed her soccer game this week, since
Ty's was at the same time. I will get some
photos of her soon to post.


Angela said...

She sounds like an awesome babysitter!

The Fosters said...

She is the cutest, sweetest 12 year old granddaughter in the whole world and I love her more!

BorneoDiva said...

what a cute babysitter :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

WE LOVE LOVE SUMMER!!!! Check out the temple tile AND girls camp t-shirt...she is offically my favorite now..OOooh and she is for "hire"-it might be worth the commute to have a popcorn game playing babysitter!!!! and I have 3 boys to fall in love with her!