Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Beach House!

Gary and Marie spoiled the whole gang
by taking us to the nicest beach house ever!
We had great company, amazing meals,
and unbelievable weather! I love San Clemente!

It was a great way to close off our
summer. School started today! :0(

The cousins always have so much fun together.
We sure do have a great bunch of kids!

The little kids loved the zip line that
ran down the side of the beach house.
We should call Ty 'Tarzan'!

To end the vacation, we got to meet up with
my family. Tammy and my dad (Mark, too) were
celebrating their birthdays, so we headed out
the The Cheesecake Factory. Yum! Doesn't
Brittani look like a model in this picture!?!
What a gorgeous family I have (on both sides)!

Dad, Trevor, Summer, and Eric enjoying
the 3 hr. wait at the restaurant. We
ran over and watched GIJoe to kill the time.
Ty was a tough dude and sat through that
crazy movie! Does that make me a bad mom?



kandy said...

I can't believe you let Ty see that movie!!! I couldn't even take it! JK. Syd and I did have a great time exploring the Spectrum. I think you had a great summer. Ours is still going - see you Fri!

jorgegr said...

What fun! Sorry your summer is over.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

How can summer be over so soon, it's still hot out. We took Sally's gang to GI Joe, I almost fell asleep at the end. Hunter and the oys enjoyed it.