Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo Booths!

Photo Booths are just FUN! Jason's
good friends Jeff got married this summer
and they had a photo booth at their reception.
It printed 2 copies (one for the guest and one
for a photo album for the bride and groom).
Genius is all I can
say about that!

They had a box of props, hats, glasses...
can you say awesome?!?
Jason and I decided on a plan before hand.
1st photo: silly
2nd photo: mushy, kissy, kissy
3rd photo: silly
4th photo: smiling

Who here followed the rules in #4?
At the beginning of the summer the kids
and I found a photo booth at the mall in
Southern California. They thought it was
fun, although Ty looks a bit constipated
in a few of the pictures. :0)
Here's your assignment:
Go find yourselves a photo booth and
then share them with the world!


Angela said...

Those are really cute!! I have a photo booth photo from a couple of years ago...I will have to go scan it!

Kerry said...

Hi Jen! I love your photo booth pics! I've always been a photo booth fan. Growing up, we used to do them at the mall all the time. You and Jason look great!

jorgegr said...

That is such a cute idea

The Fosters said...

We went to a reception where they had the photo booth and a fresh donut fryer too! Where do people get these fun ideas?