Saturday, May 9, 2009

The teacher closest to my heart!

I'll start this off with a challenge! Can you tell which
one is the teacher? Yep, that's my little baby sister
on the far left! Isn't she adorable! I guarantee you
that every one of her boy students (and maybe even
some girls) must have a crush on her! She is young,
fun, intelligent, and beautiful! She is Mrs. Macbeth.
She is lucky enough to teach Math at
the high school that me and my 2 sisters
attended. Me have HUGE Hawk Pride!

She doesn't teach the run of the mill math
classes (like the ones I was in) either! She
teaches honors and all the high stuff. Look at
me, I don't even know what they are called
once you get past Algebra (I never did)! :0P

Becky has at least 40 students in each class, plus
she coaches soccer and track! I've witnessed first
hand how much patience, love, and talent that
takes on her part! I hope we all show
our appreciation for all those wonderful
teachers out there like Mrs. Macbeth!


Angela said...

Your sister is beautiful! I really thought she was one of the students!

Jamie's Jewels said...

Cute blog!

Jessica Munk said...

Becky, you're amazing!! Next time you come to Utah I want to come hang out with you and Callie and we should call Brit and Brooke. Thanks for posting this tribute! :)

Callie said...

thats because she is booksmart. we have all the street smarts! hahaha

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

That's adorable!
LOVE it!
She looks as young as some of her students...I'm sure they love her!
Oh, I so take my hat off to eldest has the best kindergarten teacher ever, and has definitely made the right impression of school in my daughters her!
Thanks for your sweet comments as always working on a Lion Watercolour as I write!!! lol.

Becky Macbeth said...

If only I lived up to everything you said! ;) I do love my job and I love my students. There's never a dull day! It's state testing this week, so we'll see how much I actually taught them! Wish me (and them) luck! Thanks for the tribute, Jen. You're too good to me! I love you!

kandy said...

I agree, she is amazing - must take after her older sister - you!