Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation!

No matter your age, your status, or your
ethnicity....we all have teachers! This week,
don't forget to shower them with a little extra
love and attention! After all, they are the ones
that are building a better tomorrow!
Liz and I met at the school this morning and
put up 700 paper hearts (teachers lounge,
mailboxes, classroom doors, the grass)! We
had the students help give their teachers a
'HEART ATTACK'. It was a huge success.
I think the teachers liked it as much as the kids!

Our kids decorated this sign that greeted
everyone on their way to the front office.

Throughout this week, each day has a theme.
Tuesdays theme will be bring a flower to school
day. The kids could make flowers, bring live flowers,
or draw a flower for their teachers. Sydney and
Summer are bringing these cute 'earth-friendly'
flowers to their teachers. We cut up old magazines
and cut them into flower shapes, then fastened
them together with a brad. The stems are rolled
up magazine pages that were mostly green. I think
I like these so much I want to make myself some! :0)

Sydney has a male teacher, so we went
with more masculine colors for him. I
think he will get a kick out of it!

Don't forget your teachers this week!
I have an extra special teacher in my life
that I will post about later this week!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVE the hearts...oh, if only I had the time to do something like that...thanks Jen for the awesome comments on my blog you left the other day...I will work on a Lion for you to see next...check back soon.
Have a great week.

Becky Macbeth said...

I love it! The heart attack turned out soooo cute! I bet the teachers loved it! I wish you were the one in charge at my school - your flowers are so cool!
love ya!

jorgegr said...

Very cute ideas! I might have to steal your flower idea.

Anonymous said...

Look at you all crafty!! Love the flowers for the teachers. I didn't realize this week was TA for EVERYONE! I only thought it was just for our school...I'm totally out of the loop on things like this. Love the idea about giving the teachers "heart attacks". Very cute.

kandy said...

See what I mean about creative?
You are great and they are lucky teachers to have you (and my darling grandkids) at their school!