Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sun Splash in Mesa!

We had a fun day at Sun Splash
in Mesa yesterday. Summer was
fearless on the big rides, while Sydney
really enjoyed the tube rides. Ty spent
his day at the kiddy land and the wave pool.
My little lilly pad hoppers!
Summer definitely had a
different style than her sister!

Better late than never!

My adorable parents are here
visiting for the entire week. I am
so excited! We will all go to Lake
Powell this weekend. Aren't they
the cutest couple ever!?!
We made a cake for my dad in
celebration of his very belated birthday.
Sorry it took us so long, dad!
Summer served Pops
the first piece of cake.
We love Grammy and Pops!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yes, I know I'm Spoiled!

As a special treat, my parents
treated their daughters and
sons-in-law to a wonderful evening
at The Pageant of the Masters in
Laguna Beach, CA. It was beautiful!
Live people pose in replicas of
famous paintings. Truly remarkable!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coolest Place Ever!

My mom found out about this great
Adventure Park in Irvine, CA where
kids can play in the mud for $5!!!
They had a water slide, climbing
structures, and (best of all) a HUGE
MUD PIT!!! The older kids really
enjoyed it, as you can see!
Porter, Summer, Zane, & Tanner
This was as muddy as Ty wanted to get!
Sydney preferred the not-so-messy
water slide. She was the only one who
went down on her knees instead of her
stomach. Sooooo Sydney!!!

It took some convincing, but once
Ellie went down the water slide,
she realized that she LOVED it!!!
Another fun
So Cal day!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to school....

I cannot believe we had to go back to
school already! This summer went
by way too fast! Don't they
look cute, though!
Summer is in Jr. High (6th)
& Sydney is in 3rd!

Sydney was so happy to find out
that Liza was in her class this year!
They are the bestest friends in the
whole world! Two of the sweetest
girls ever! 2 peas in a pod!

Time with the Fosters

At the end of this trip, we
got to spend a couple days with
my parents. It was my dads
birthday on Thurs. and I'm sad
I don't have a picture of him to
post. I'll have to get one this
next weekend! Happy Birthday,
Dad! I love you!!! We drove to LA to see Wicked again.
It was the first time we took the girls
and Summer won the lottery they hold.
She won 2 front row seats for $25
a piece! It was awesome!!!
Sydney got to go to the
American Girl Place and have
Nikki's hair styled. She needed
it really badly! Sydney
sure does love that doll!
Thanks Grammy and Pops!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Attempting a family picture....

While at the beach, I figured we
should try to get a family picture.Summer ruined my one and only
good one of Ty! She is so
her dad's daughter!
Nice tongue!!!
At least we got a few good shots!

Thanks Gary & Marie

I have the best in-laws in the world!
Gary & Marie treated all of us to this
relaxing week in San Clemente, CA!
Thank you so very much!!!Ty & Xavier were the best of buds all week!
Little Tanner was in heaven at the tide pools!

The Beach House

We had a wonderful week at the
beach house with the Stewart Family!
It was perfectly sunny and beautiful
the entire week! Some would say it
was too sunny the day we went to
Knott's Berry Farm! We enjoyed the Tide Pools in Dana Point.
Fletcher looks so handsome!

The girls really enjoyed all of their
cousins! Sydney, Summer, Tate, and
Kaylee had fun getting wet in their clothes!

Friday, August 1, 2008


I'll start off by quoting my latest
fortune cookie:
"Why wait! Start moving now!" We met this adorable family and their beautiful
home on the same day. They want to move to
Utah and, luckily for us, leave their beautiful
home here. The Backas' are a great
family and they built a quality home. We
are excited for the extra room, pool, and
horse property! If you want to see the house,
click here !
Now all we have to do is sell
our home in four months! Keep
us in your prayers!!! We need
all the help we can get!!!