Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time with the Fosters

At the end of this trip, we
got to spend a couple days with
my parents. It was my dads
birthday on Thurs. and I'm sad
I don't have a picture of him to
post. I'll have to get one this
next weekend! Happy Birthday,
Dad! I love you!!! We drove to LA to see Wicked again.
It was the first time we took the girls
and Summer won the lottery they hold.
She won 2 front row seats for $25
a piece! It was awesome!!!
Sydney got to go to the
American Girl Place and have
Nikki's hair styled. She needed
it really badly! Sydney
sure does love that doll!
Thanks Grammy and Pops!!!


Kandy said...

What a fun day - shall we do again this weekend?!!! Jen - gorgeous picture of you and Jason at the beach.
Nikki looks cute too!

* Amanda * said...

It sounds like you had such a fun trip all the way around! I would love to see Wicked!

Jen Rose said...

Front row to WICKED? That is awesome! Did the girls love it? I am a total Wicked fan. I loved it so much when I saw it in New York! And, that is awesome that you got to spend time with your family in California! I bet they miss you like crazy!

jorgegr said...

What a great trip you had. I miss our family and friends in CA. Hopefully we will get to visit CA in the near future.