Monday, August 18, 2008

Coolest Place Ever!

My mom found out about this great
Adventure Park in Irvine, CA where
kids can play in the mud for $5!!!
They had a water slide, climbing
structures, and (best of all) a HUGE
MUD PIT!!! The older kids really
enjoyed it, as you can see!
Porter, Summer, Zane, & Tanner
This was as muddy as Ty wanted to get!
Sydney preferred the not-so-messy
water slide. She was the only one who
went down on her knees instead of her
stomach. Sooooo Sydney!!!

It took some convincing, but once
Ellie went down the water slide,
she realized that she LOVED it!!!
Another fun
So Cal day!!!


Kandy said...

You are amazing - already into history! Thanks for coming two weekends in a row.

* Amanda * said...

That sounds like a way cool place for kids!

Cute Ty toes! :P

jorgegr said...

I used to work for the City of Irvine, I always wanted to take the kids there but they were to young while we lived there. I am so jealous! You get to go to CA so much!

kelly said...

looks like a totally fun afternoon

Jen Rose said...

That is wild! Is it just for kids or adults too?