Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sydney is 9!

My baby girl is 9! How does time
fly by so quickly? It seems like just
yesterday we were bringing this sweet
little (long & skinny) baby home from the
hospital. She is still long and skinny (taller
than all of her friends and almost taller than
Summer). We sure do love her!!!You could safely say she is VERY spoiled!
Those green eyes and freckles
make for one gorgeous girl!!!

She decided on Javelina Cantina for her
birthday dinner. We didn't complain one bit!
On Saturday, Sydney, Summer, and I
got to go up to Flagstaff and see the play
'Babes in Toyland' for Syd's birthday. I won
the tickets on the radio and she got to pick which
sibling to bring. She picked Summer (which made me
happy since they don't get along very well these days).
While we were there, the first snow of the
season began to fall. Here comes winter!
BURRR!!! Happy Birthday, Syd!


* Amanda * said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

You are right Jen - she is gorgeous - great photos! :)

Kandy said...

Wow, Syd is way too grown up! Syd, tell me what you got for your birthday. Hope it was a happy one.

jorgegr said...

Sydney is so cute. Jenna will be 9 next month. I can't believe it.

Ally said...

Very pretty girl!