Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stewart-Tidwell Falls

These picture you are about to see
shot in an undisclosed location that
I have sworn to never tell!

This first photo shows the only way in and out
of what we will call 'Stewart-Tidwell Falls'.
Heather is demonstrating the difficult task of
descending the treacherous rocks. She came up
with a chant that we had to do while pinky swearing.
It went like this:

I swear, I swear, I swear,

Our secret never share,

Of the canyon far and deep

That wandering eyes may never peep.

The path lead us to certain death! Weak
stomaches were not allowed. Heather, as
seen below, shows how her mother, Laura,
got the amazing shots above. Laura held on to
Summer and Sydney's feet as they lay on their
bellies to look over the cliffs edge. Our next outing
will be to find the bottom of these falls. During
monsoon season, these are cascading waterfalls.

I hope you didn't get annoyed by my lame
death defying talk, but I thought typing it
was rather fun! We love the Tidwells and
had a wonderful time with them. Like I said,
I cannot wait until our next adventure with them!
If you want to see some of Laura's
amazing photography, click here!


Laura Tidwell said...

You're going to make so many people jealous that only we know of this amazing place!! If you disclose any more information, I'm afraid there will be hordes of people combing the back country of the Coconino National Forest looking for this spot! (ooops... did I just say too much?) ;)

Jen Rose said...

How fun! You are so funny Jen! And, cute pictures! Oh, and your friends pictures...AHH! Amazing.