Monday, October 13, 2008

My Adorable Kids!

Ty takes after his mom! He was
enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves!
We went camping this weekend and got
to enjoy all the beautiful sights that surround
us here in Sedona. I have a lot of beautiful pictures
to share, but I will spread them out for you.
I love my camera, and thanks to Laura's
advice, I got some
amazing shots.
I will post more picture later.


jorgegr said...

Those are great pictures. My camera has been acting up lately. It needs a tune up. Great shots!

Christina Stewart said...

awesome shots, sounds like you had fun

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Beautiful photos, loved them. Thank you for sharing:)

Jen Rose said...

Awesome pictures Jen! Ty is adorable! How are you guys doing?

Amy said...

Jen- Your pictures are awesome! I love the Ty picture! Too bad about the $2500 scam! You are one talented chica!

Love you!


pinkpatrice said...

WOW- I want to know your photo secrets!