Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ty's in Preschool!

I cannot believe my baby is in preschool!
He has been SO ready! Ty is such a sweet
little guy and I know he will love his new school!

He attends Mt. View Preschool in Cottonwood.
He gets to ride to school with daddy, and then
ride home with mommy. It's about a 40 minute
drive and I am hoping he will take a nap on the
drive home. He goes Tuesdays and Thursdays.

His buddy Mason is in his class. We are
so lucky to have his mom, Pandi, as one
of the teachers. Ty just loves her!


Kandy said...

He looks so cute! Hope he has a great day tomorrow.
Love, Grammy

Jen Rose said...

Oh he is adorable! I can't believe he is in school either! Crazy how time flies! He'll be such a good little student! :)

* Amanda * said...

Ty is the cutest! That first picture is such a great one!

Have fun in preschool Ty!

BlossomingTree said...

He's a handsome guy! He looks like he's ready to take on whatever comes his way.:)

Maggie said...

So nice he already has a buddy!

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

Very cute little guy! What an important time in his life!