Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer the Babysitter!

Summer taught Ty & Tanner how
to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies on
Sunday. They were so cute! They
listened so carefully and really did a
great job. The cookies were yummy!

I cannot wait until she is 12 and
can start making a little money
babysitting. She will be an awesome
babysitter! I know I'll hire her!

Sydney is trying out a new look.
What do you think?
She has been
cursed with a light stork bite
on her
forehead since she was born. She
has always had to wear
bangs, and is
finally ready to make the change. She

is so pretty! She would look cute bald!!!


Jen Rose said...

Looks like you have been BUSY girl! I love all your updates! The lake pictures are so cute and it looks like a blast hiking! Oh, and Syd's hair is adorable. I agree....she was would cute bald! You have the cutest family EVER! Miss you!

kelly said...

yumm...nate and i have made chocolate chip cookies the past 2 sundays....can you say addiction!

Jannica said...

Jen your kids are soooooo adorable. I can't believe Ty is in preschool! I remember when Summer was born and I was carrying her around at a family reunion! And syd's hair looks way cute like that. I miss you guys!

* Amanda * said...

Syndey's hair does look cute that way! I hope the kid's are enjoying school and you guys are all doing well!