Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paint, paint, & more paint!

We decided to get some work
done around the house this
weekend. I re-painted this
dresser for Ty's room (my dad
had refinished it for the girls
a few years ago and it was blue).
Ty is showing you a pillow from
his bed so you can see how nice
it looks. It's now 'Ty's Dwesr". Jason bought himself a new toy:
It is awesome! It would have
been even better had it not
poured down rain a few hours
later! Our house is only 4 yrs.
old, but the paint had sun bleached
so badly, it almost looked pink in
places (it should be brown)!
We now have a 1/2 painted house!!!
Do you like his silly expression?
Where were the kids?
Ty was surfing in the desert!
Summer was garage sale shopping
(she bought a nightstand)!
Sydney was getting spoiled by
Katie Libby and getting an Icee!
I'd say they had a fun Saturday!


Jen Rose said...

I'd say that does sound like a fun Saturday! Surfing in the desert??? Who would have thought? Jason is crackin me up with his new toy! That actually is a nice toy to have though. Painting is exhausting!

* Amanda * said...

Paul got a new paint sprayer this past summer too! Loves it! Good luck getting the rest of your house done!

kelly said...

i wish you the best on selling. i know you want to get close to the family again

tattytiara said...

Woohoo! Catch a wave, dude! Haha!