Friday, July 18, 2008

Have I told you lately.....

How much I love Target??? Target Clearance is my best friend!!!
We bought this human hampster
wheel for $11.00 and, so far,
we have been entertained for
over an hour!
Now we just need to keep the
puppy and her razor-sharp teeth
away from it!
Ty is wearing another
cute shirt from:


* Amanda * said...

oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I wanna see you in it Jen! : )

And Ty looks fantastic in my shirt! I am going to have to send Sydney more so I can see one on her too, lol.

Jen Rose said...

That is way cool! I wish I were little again sometimes. Oh, how we were entertained at the littlest things!

kelly said...

that looks totally fun...i think we are to tall and big in this house for such a great toy :(

Simply Sentimental said...

I was just at Target yesterday and saw nothing as cute as that hamster wheel..I so need one of those for my boys....Your family looks wonderful...great blog BTW..